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We previously announced that new release updates on our website - both Japanese and English - would become as frequent as four times a day from September 13, 2017.
Despite this, for the English page, we judged that 4 updates a day does not fit most of our customer's needs and thus new products were being released only once at midnight.

Overall, we received favorable feedback from our customers regarding the change to regular updates at midnight. However, having managed 4 updates a day on the Japanese page for a while now, we found that an update frequency of twice a day is the most balanced method - at 4 p.m and at midnight - both for us and for our customers.
Thus, our website will adopt this 2 updates per day method from this week onward.

On the English page, we will continue to release new products mainly at midnight; however, from now on, there is the possibility that we may also release products twice a day as necessary.

* Please note that all hour indications in this announcement are based on Japan time, UTC +09:00.

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We are starting Buy Points Campaign from today November 17, 2017 at noon to February 15, 2018 (Japan Time, UTC+09:00). You can earn 10% more points than usual every time you buy member points.

For more details, please check the [ Buy Points ] page (login required).

Also, if you have purchased points after the recent reward point system change, that is between November 14 at noon to November 17 at noon, +10% point compensation are added to the points in your account so that you are not disadvantaged.

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

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As of today, November 14th 2017 at noon (Japan Time - UTC+9:00), how you earn your reward points will be partially changed.

If you make a purchase using points, the points you will be eligible for will be based on the total amount paid after the deduction of the points was applied.

A transaction made entirely with points will not be eligible for reward points.
A transaction made partially with points will only be partially eligible for reward points based on the total amount paid after point deduction.

If your cart contains products with different reward point rates, the deduction of points will be applied preferentially to the products with a lower rate (so that you can earn more points for the products with a higher rate).

How you can earn your reward points will stay the same: points are attained by rating a purchased product.
This new rule will be effective today at noon (Japan time) and will be applied to purchases made thereafter.
If you rate products that you purchased prior to that time, this rule does not apply and points will be issued in the same manner as before the rule change.

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

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