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We have updated the designs of pages where you see a list of products: Home page, Ranking page, search results page, etc.

The main feature of this renewal is that the thumbnail images (100x100px) are replaced with the smaller version of main product images (560x420px). It also includes other changes in design and modifications of listed information on products.

We believe this change will improve your browsing experience on our website.
We hope you enjoy shopping with us!


DLsite.com is proud to announce you that we are going to hold a booth at
[ Anime Expo 2018 ] that takes place from July 5th to 8th 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA.

DLsite.com's booth details at Anime Expo 2018:
Booth: DLsite.com & ImagineVR
Booth Number: 5023

Anime Expo 2018

As DLsite.com English, we will be selling some download cards of a few products selected from thousands of products available on DLsite.com English.

We will also have mimikaki (earpick) from the [ Nagomi's Earcleaning VR ] app, and Nijiyome-chan's eye mask from [ Nijiyome ], our sister website in Japanese.

AX list

In addition to the booth, DLsite.com / ImagineVR will hold a 18+ panel at Otakon!
DLsite.com will give a talk about recent Hentai trends, introducing some of the latest and greatest depravity from Japan's indie scene!

DLsite.com / ImagineVR event information at Anime Expo 2018:
Title: The Latest Hentai Genre and Technology in Japan (R18)
Date: Friday, July 6th 2018 at 9:00 PM
Place: Workshop 1 / LACC 403 AB

Please drop by if you are planning to take a trip to Anime Expo 2018!

Thank you for using DLsite.com.

To offer more user-friendly search feature, we merged some work format indications on our products as follows:

CG Set, CG + Novel and Illustrations are now CG / Illustrations
Manga and Digital Comic are now Manga
Doujinshi Novel, Doujin Software Novel and Illustration + novel are now Novel
Other Doujinshi and Doujin Software Novel are now Other Format
* Added note on June 27th: the Illustrations format is also merged with CG / Illustrations

Whatever you are searching for, we believe this change will improve your search experience.
We hope you enjoy shopping with us!

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