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We are glad to announce that we are going to change the base incentive rate of our affiliate program; on August 1, 2017, the base rate will be 10% across the board.

Presently, your incentive rate changes from 5 to 10% according to the previous month's sales.
From August 1, the base rate will become 10% for all affiliate partners.

This change will be beneficial to most of our affiliate partners.
If you have a blog or a website, please consider making use of our affiliate program on this occasion!

For more details about our affiliate program, please refer to [ About DLsite Affiliate Program ].

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

Thank you for shopping with DLsite.com!

On July 19th 2017, we have updated some My Page features.

Conventionally, both search conditions and circles can be registered using My Genre feature.
From now on, these two will be organized separately for your convenience.
Here are the new names of these features:

* Follow to save your favorite circles
* Saved Search Conditions to save your favorite search results
* My Favorites to save your favorite products

How to use them stays the same: you can register items to these features via product details pages, circle profile pages and search results pages.
You can set your preferences to receive email notifications regarding new releases that match your registered items as well.

We are excited to inform you that this is only our first step to offer more useful options such as organizing items in folders and following individual creators.

These modifications are aiming to offer you better service.
We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

Thank you for shopping with DLsite.com!

We are starting Summer Doujin Sale Campaign from today!
Until February 6, we are offering selected doujin titles up to 90% discount! As of today, approximately 25,000 doujin titles are at a discount, and more titles will be added during the campaign!
Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Campaign Period: From July 13, 2017 to September 22, 2017 at noon (Japan time)
* Featured titles may be withdrawn without prior notice during the campaign period.

Please check the [ Campaign Page ] for more details.
Summer Sale Campaign

If you are accessing from mobile devices, visit [ Campaign page for mobile ].

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!