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April 2012

Thank you for using DLsite.com!

All member points have an expiring date in the current system, but as of
May 8th, members can possess separate permanent points in addition
to the normal points.

Points that will become permanent
- Purchased points
- Points you received as compensation for failed checkouts
- Points you received as compensation for cancellations of products (defective, etc.)

If you have points that fall into these categories, we will try treating them newly
as permanent points as much as possible.

All the points you earned for other reasons expire when more than 12 months
have elapsed from the date of your last purchase or the last date
you either earned or used your member points as in the current system.

In some cases we may have prolonged the expiring date even when you
don’t meet the condition until now.
We will manage the system while following these rules with no exception on this occasion.

For more details about the member point system, please refer to [ About Points ].

Thank you for using DLsite.com!

We are glad to inform you about the minor changes made on DLsite.com
upon requests/comments related to DLsite.com posted in the Opinion Box:

Price range increment in the Search option is too wide [Advanced Search]
We have modified the pulldown menu to offer options in narrower range.

I'd like to sort my download history list by circle [My Page - Download History]
We added "Circle ID - Ascending" and "Circle ID - Descending" items to the "Sort by:" menu.

I want to check the earned/spent history of my member points. [My Page - Point]
You can now check your history of points you have earned or used in last 30 days
on Point Status / History page.
Also, you can check your current point balance on the left section of My Page.

Where can I find circle ID numbers? [My Page settings, etc]
We added "Circle ID" item to each circle profile page.

I can't identify the program to install for my product protected with
user authentication system. [User Authorization]

We modified the guidance page with clearer descriptions, and added a single package
that works for all items protected with this system.

I don't know how to download comics with my smartphone. [DLsite Touch!]
We added a step-by-step description on How to View Files page.

If you have opinions and requests about features, design, service, etc.
of DLsite.com, please send us a message through [ Opinion Box ].
DLsite.com is eager to know how to better serve you!

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!