Thank you for using DLsite English.

We would like to inform you that DLsite will be down for maintenance.
This maintenance is required to convert our entire website to HTTPS/SSL.
(A common request from our loyal customers which we have finally achieved.)

The maintenance will occur on:
UTC: November 20, 2018 22:00PM ~ 25:00PM
JST: November 21, 2018 7:00AM ~ 10:00AM

The following services will become unavailable.

Total Cessation
- DLsite Website
- DLsite Authentication
(i.e. cannot view products protected by user authentication)

Partial Cessation
- DLsitePlay (Cannot login)
* Those already logged in can utilize without issue.
- Web widgets (Will not display)

Please note that, any successful transactions that are interrupted by this maintenance will not cause problems. The purchase information will reach us and download will be capable via My Page (members) or via purchase confirmation mails (guests) once maintenance ends.

The scheduled maintenance is performed to offer you better service.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may be and ask for your understanding and patience while the maintenance takes place.

Thank you for your support of
We hope that you continue to enjoy shopping with us!