As of September 14th, you can now shop with and view products
on your smartphone such as iPhone and Android on optimized display!

- The website is compatible with version 2.1 or greater for Android and
iOS3 or greater for iPhone.
- Your download history is same at of both PC and Smartphone versions.
You don't need to purchase the same product again!
- The website is currently compatible only with doujinshi (indie comics) in PDF format.

For more details about how to view products, please refer to for Smartphone. for adults for Smartphone

The user information such as login, download history and other my page features are
shared with for PC. If you are a member, you can browse and purchase
at of both versions.

We plan to make more products in other formats available on for
Smartphone in the future.

In celebration of for Smartphone, we are running a campaign.
Please have a look!
We hope you continue to enjoy shop with us!