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We are glad to inform you about the minor changes made on
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Price range increment in the Search option is too wide [Advanced Search]
We have modified the pulldown menu to offer options in narrower range.

I'd like to sort my download history list by circle [My Page - Download History]
We added "Circle ID - Ascending" and "Circle ID - Descending" items to the "Sort by:" menu.

I want to check the earned/spent history of my member points. [My Page - Point]
You can now check your history of points you have earned or used in last 30 days
on Point Status / History page.
Also, you can check your current point balance on the left section of My Page.

Where can I find circle ID numbers? [My Page settings, etc]
We added "Circle ID" item to each circle profile page.

I can't identify the program to install for my product protected with
user authentication system. [User Authorization]

We modified the guidance page with clearer descriptions, and added a single package
that works for all items protected with this system.

I don't know how to download comics with my smartphone. [DLsite Touch!]
We added a step-by-step description on How to View Files page.

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of, please send us a message through [ Opinion Box ]. is eager to know how to better serve you!

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