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We are glad to inform you about the minor updates/changes made on
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I don't understand how to put keywords for search [Advanced Search]
We have added a help box to offer tips for search.

I want to search for titles in English more easily [Main Page]
We added banners for search on the left menu of our main page.
We have "English version" and "Yaoi" for G-rated page, and "3D works" for
Adults page in addition. By simply clicking these banners, you can get the search
results for each criteria.

I don't know how to use DLsite Viewer program. [User Authorization]
We now have a user manual for DLsite Viewer. Please refer to it as necessary.
[ DLsite Viewer User Manual ].

I wish to see collective data for frequent keywords the reviewers selected.
[Product Information page - Review]

We added the above information to the User Reviews for each product
when there are more than 3 reviews.

I want more options for the list of parts in My Page! [My Page]
We added 2 parts as "Latest Article (G-rated and Adults)" and
3 parts as "Maniax (Japanese section) Ranking". The latter shows items available
on the English section based on the 24h/weekly/monthly ranking data on the Japanese
section of

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