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Please be informed that our user agreement will be revised as of September 1, 2014.
This is to delete member accounts with no history of usage so that we do not hold unnecessary personal information.

Accounts to be deleted:
i) member accounts that were not activated for more than 6 months after the registration
(if they have ever been logged in or used for a purchase, they will not be included)
ii) in the case where more than one account is owned by the same person, inactive older account(s) of this person
(we leave one account that is active)

Change (addition of items) to the user agreement:
Article 3 (Agreement of Users)
6. When the Site finds the fact that the same applicant has applied for its use more than once;
Article 20 (Membership Cancellation)
7. When you apply for but never activate the ID and password and more than 6 months have elapsed;
8. When you apply to use the Site more than once (if this is the case, the Site terminates the duplicate account(s) to approve only one account per User);

The elimination of accounts is planned after September 1.
Please note that upon this revision we also change the way of counting the number of members shown on Site Stats in the main page.

This modification is performed to offer you better service.
Thank you for your understanding and we hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!