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We are glad to inform you that new release updates on our website will become as frequent as four times a day from September 13, 2017 at midnight.

Presently, new products are added once a day. From September 13, the new products may be added at around midnight, noon, 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., though on the English page, most of new products are planned to be released at midnight (subject to change).
Added note on November 27: from December 4, 2017, new release updates will become twice a day at maximum, at midnight and at 4 p.m.; however, on the English page, new products are basically released at midnight.

Email notifications will be sent at each update if you have matching criteria in your My Favorites and Follow List.
We will start sending notifications in advance at around 10 p.m. regarding scheduled new releases at midnight. News, our daily newsletters, will keep its once-a-day delivery; however, the delivery time will change (scheduled to be sometime in the evening).

Please also note that:
* All hour indications in this announcement are based on Japan time, UTC +09:00.
* Email notifications may take several hours to reach you.
* Email notifications scheduled at around 10 p.m. may not start on September 13.

We hope this change will increase your opportunities to find products that will appeal to your taste.
Please enjoy shopping with us! English