DLsite.com is proud to announce you that we are going to hold a booth at
[ Anime Expo 2018 ] that takes place from July 5th to 8th 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA.

DLsite.com's booth details at Anime Expo 2018:
Booth: DLsite.com & ImagineVR
Booth Number: 5023

Anime Expo 2018

As DLsite.com English, we will be selling some download cards of a few products selected from thousands of products available on DLsite.com English.

We will also have mimikaki (earpick) from the [ Nagomi's Earcleaning VR ] app, and Nijiyome-chan's eye mask from [ Nijiyome ], our sister website in Japanese.

AX list

In addition to the booth, DLsite.com / ImagineVR will hold a 18+ panel at Otakon!
DLsite.com will give a talk about recent Hentai trends, introducing some of the latest and greatest depravity from Japan's indie scene!

DLsite.com / ImagineVR event information at Anime Expo 2018:
Title: The Latest Hentai Genre and Technology in Japan (R18)
Date: Friday, July 6th 2018 at 9:00 PM
Place: Workshop 1 / LACC 403 AB

Please drop by if you are planning to take a trip to Anime Expo 2018!