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Thank you for using DLsite.com!

In late October 2017, the login system on DLsite.com will change.
This is due to changes in the way we handle accounts on our Japanese pages.

The changes to DLsite English page are limited to the following points:

- A new look for the login page
- Some account management features, such as changing your password, will direct you to newly designed pages

These changes are minor and will not affect the account you currently have on DLsite English.
However, if you are also using the Japanese sections of DLsite.com and/or other related services, please remember that accounts made for different language sections and services will remain separate and cannot be associated.

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

Thank you for shopping with DLsite.com!

On September 20th 2017, a feature allowing the organization of My Favorites by folder will be implemented.

My Page Image
* Post Implementation Image

You will be able to create folders as you wish for; "My Favorites", "Follow List", "Saved Search Conditions" respectively and limit / refine your searches to specific folders, selecting conditions such as discount / increased point rate.

When you add an item as "My Favorites" (or "Follow" / "Saved Search Conditions"), it will automatically be saved to an "Unclassified" folder. You can then edit its location via My Page.

When the update takes place on the 20th, items already in your "My Favorites" / "Follow List" will be added to an "Unclassified" folder.
In regards to "Saved Search Conditions" they will be placed in a folder named "My Favorites".

Please also note that as it was possible to change the order of your "Saved Search Conditions", we will add them in the same order to your "My Favorites" folder.
After the update, you will no longer be capable of changing the order of your "Saved Search Conditions" so please use folders to organize your items.
(The order of the folders themselves can be sorted.)

The other day, we made revisions to our My Favorites / My Genre features. This will be an additional revision.
For more details regarding the previous revision, please refer to [ this post ].

We are also planning on making further revisions to our My Favorites / My Genre features with hope that they will increase user friendliness and customer satisfaction.
We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us!

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